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Luminous presents the latest breakthrough in the world of power back up UPS. A powerhouse of performance packed in a highly attractive design these long back up UPS boast of phenomenally advanced features that give in a unique ability to run a PC for hours together, even in the bleakest of power situations. We at Luminous value the convenience and comfort of the consumer above anything else. Very little maintenance, powerful performance and all-round protection makes this series a value for money investment.


  • LED display
  • Micro-controller based design
  • Selectable battery option (not in 1500 VA)
  • Runs single PC up to 15.0 hrs with 24V 150 Ah battery
  • Charges battery very fast
  • Suitable to tackle power-cuts ranging from moderate to longer duration
  • Pre-loaded battery management software
  • Regulated output voltage window during regulated UPS mode
  • Regulated battery charging from 120V to 300V
  • Automatic holiday mode preserves battery charge (Away from home for long time)
  • Audio alarms & visual indicators
  • Option for regulated and unregulated mode
  • Micro Controller Based Design
  • In-built battery gravity builder
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection Facility
  • Fast battery charging even in low & fluctuating voltage
  • Higher Efficiency & Long back up
  • Ripple free charging (ABCC Technology)
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Regulated UPS mode
  • Battery charging selection switch as per type of battery connected
  • Small Size & Light Weight

Consumer Benefit

  • Letting the consumer know of the status of the device
  • Increased efficiency
  • Freedom of choice in terms of batteries
  • End of worries regarding computer use in case of a power cut
  • Minimum time required to give maximum output
  • The duration of power cut becomes irrelevant
  • Home UPS takes care of the battery, leaving the consumer tension free
  • Safety of sensitive equipment is ensured
  • Battery health is ensured
  • Letting the consumer enjoy the holiday freely without the worries of what to expect when they go home
  • Letting the user know of the exact status of the device
  • Modes for computer and normal usage respectively, freedom of choice
  • Reliable performance and compact design
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Ensuring battery safety at low voltages
  • No need to buy a stabilizer separately
  • Smooth and Constant output
  • Avoids overcharging of aged or faulty batteries
  • Saving on the electricity bill
  • Computer can also be used
  • Freedom of choice in terms of battery being used
  • Ease of transport
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